Yeah, you found Me

Let's just say I have been busy with web related matters

Aaron "Gov" Goshine

I have created this website as a showcase for my work, both past projects and current work-in-progress; It's also a place where you can find me when you need to.

Companies and media groups I have worked for or with

Plentific, SmartFocus, StreamHub, ADVFN, Caxton FX , City Graphics, Digitronics, Green Light Multimedia Studios, Hackney Empire, Inmotion Studios, Love London, Lyceum Theatre, Money Supermarket, National Commercial Bank (NCB), Scott Bhoorasingh & Bonnick, Victoria Mutual Building Society, Nationwide Television and Radio..(and more)

A few of the most recent projects I have worked on

Front-end Development

With the growing demands and expectation of users on the web, my passion for building user friendly applications has grown immensely. Whenever I have a bit of time I work on a few open source projects / experiments through Github.GitHub

Skill Summary

Front-end coding

  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • ReactJs

Server side coding

  • Php
  • Nodejs
  • Python

Mark UP

  • Html/5
  • Xhtml
  • XML
  • Markdown

Application Coding

  • Action Script
  • Python
  • UNIX Commands


  • Css
  • Sass
  • less
  • Bootstrap


  • layout
  • logos
  • Iconography